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At the end of April, I launched my little #mamaandmeproject over on Instagram. I’ve been blown away by everyone’s that joined it. I’ve loved looking through everyone’s photos each week! It’s a weekly photo prompt that brings together two things I’m super passionate about! Photography and the joy in everyday moments. The general idea is to capture a photo each week to fit the prompt, that will hopefully be something to encourage you to capture something within your everyday, with you and your little one(s).

I wanted to share my entries for each week here on the blog, along with a favourite of someone else’s too! So here are the first four weeks of the Mama & Me Project! Be sure to check out the @mamaandmeproject page on Instagram and follow the hashtag too so that you never miss anyone’s post!

Week 1: “NEW”

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#mamaandmeproject week one – “NEW” New routine for us this evening 🤞 . We’ve not been having the best bed times lately, so I’m going to shake things up a bit and bring in a new evening routine for Tyler. 🥰 Calm, sofa snuggles(as pictured), followed by bath time upstairs and then instead of coming back downstairs for some milk, we’ll stay upstairs in Tylers room for milk time, followed by teeth brushing, a bedtime story and then (hopefully) sleep 💤 . What does your 2 year olds evening routine look like? Have you had to shake things up recently too? . Don’t forget to join in with the @mamaandmeproject ! 💖 . #oureverydaymoments #mummybloggeruk #lbloggersuk #thegirlgang #everydayhappiness #mumswithcameras #photoprompt #ukparentbloggers #ig_motherhood #unitedinmotherhood #mytinymoments #bloggersgetsocial #discoverunder10k

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Week 2: “OUR NORMAL”

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Love this post from @thehiveat28 for this weeks photo prompt 💖 • N O R M A L I T Y • It’s a Wednesday. In some ways, just like any other Wednesday; in others, unlike any Wednesday I’ve ever experienced. But I’m learning that parenthood isn’t like anything else. Life’s changed immeasurably. But equally, Rufus has always been here, hasn’t he? What is normality? Right now, it’s smelling of milk, or sick; it’s chasing the puppy to get the dummy off him; it’s a forever cycle of feeding and burping and babywearing and white noise and putting crumpets in the toaster and forgetting about them; it’s kisses, and cuddles, and staring – endless, endless staring. It’s unconditional love. • @mamaandmeproject – OUR NORMAL • • • • • #lifestyleblogger #mamablogs #ukblogger #girlswhoblog #bloggerswanted #familyblogger #girlswhoread #myhappyviews #bloglife #mentalhealth #blogginggals #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #mamaandmeproject #ournormal #familylife #mama #firsttimemum #fourthtrimester #babywearingmama #mumlife #postpartum #csectionrecovery #babyboy #boymama

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It’s week two of #mamaandmeproject and right now, this is “our normal” 💕 The last couple of months Tylers sleep has worsened to the point where one of us has to lay with him for upwards of an hour before he finally drifts off each night💤 YES it is mentally draining and YES at two he should “probably” be going off to sleep on his own, but you know what? I love our evening snuggles. I love our bed time book reading. I love being my baby’s comfort 💖 Even if it does mean squishing into his single bed and being kicked and poked for an hour every night 😋 Yes sometimes I do feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and I lay there worrying about the million and one things I “should” be doing on an evening, but you know what, stuff it 🤷🏻‍♀️ So this is OUR normal, what’s yours? 💕 . . . . . #abmlifeishappy #dailydoseofwhimsy #pbloggers #parentbloggersuk #toddlersofinstagram #parentingrealities #pbloggersuk #lbloggersuk #thegirlgang #ig_motherhood #littleandbrave #dailyparenting #letthekids #motherhoodrising #ohheymama #our_everyday_moments #documentyourdays #mytinymoments #unitedinmotherhood

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Week 3: “”GOLDEN”

Week 4: “HAND IN HAND”

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💖 HAND IN HAND 💖 This week’s prompt for #mamaandmeproject has been hand in hand 💕 I’ve loved seeing everyone’s photos so far this week! Don’t forget you’ve got until Sunday night to get your photos up! ✨ Thanks @fat_dadz_ for the snap 📷 . PS Don’t forget to follow the @mamaandmeproject account too! 🙌🏼 . #ukparentbloggers #pbloggersuk #handinhand #letthemexplore #letthembelittle #150hoursoutside #innaturewetrust #dailydoseofwhimsy #mysonandi #myhappyinstasquares #everysquareastory #myminime #ig_motherhood #unitedinmotherhood #outdoorclub #mybeautifulmess #theeverydayproject #theeverymom #feelfreefeed #lovelysquares #mummybloggeruk #familyblogger #thegirlgang

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I’d love to have you join in! Just find @mamaandmeproject on Instagram and come and see what this weeks prompt is!

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  1. When people join in the #mamaandmeproject it makes my heart happy. I love how laid back and easy to join in with it is. Sometimes I find prompts like these really hard work but this is so chilled, I love it! Some gorgeous accounts have joined in too so I’ve found new people to follow too! Win win!

    1. Eeeek this comment has made MY heart happy!!!!

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