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At the beginning of the month I shared 4 intentions for the month of May. I thought it would a nice idea to look back on the month and see how I got on. This is inspired by Laura of Em & Me’s monthly goal recaps.

Earlier wake ups

Now, I didn’t manage to wake up before 6.30am everyday but I did do pretty well! Every morning after I got up I wrote down in my bullet journal what time I’d managed to get up and I successfully woke before 6.30am on 14 mornings, before 7am on 10 mornings and before 7.30am 3 mornings(I did miss writing a couple down, oops!). I’m going to carry on trying to wake up that little bit earlier for the foreseeable to see how much more I can get out of my day. Would you be interested in reading about how I’m finding it? Let me know because that could be a blog post idea!

Leafy greens, twice a day

A big fat fail this month. I just wasn’t feeling it, that’s all I can really say! Although, in the last two weeks I have been making more of a conscious effort to eat better in general so I’ve definitely taken a step in the right direction with regards to food.

May Intentions recap | Love, Maisie |


I did unfollow a fair amount of accounts on Instagram at the beginning of the month, but May has been a month of discovery for me and I’ve found SO many more that I adore! Something I did also do was make other accounts unfollow me! You can go onto any account that’s following you and force the account to unfollow you, so I cleared my followers of any weird looking accounts, any fake looking accounts and any accounts that hadn’t posted in forever! So I started the month with 1318 followers and I’m ending it with 1204! I don’t mind my numbers going down as I’d just rather my number reflect the amount of real people that are actually following me for me and my content!

Daily Journalling

I’ve well and truly got back into bullet journalling this month and I’m so excited to use it more again through June. I have used my bullet journal this month for tracking my work hours, my intentions, my finances, my time outside and for lots of planning too! I like to theme my months and for June my theme is “rainbow” and I’ve loved getting some of my pages ready for the month ahead this week!


I’d say overall, I did fairly well with my intentions this month, maybe a 3/4 on success rate? I hope you’ve enjoyed this type of post! At the beginning of June I’ll be sharing some more intentions so make sure to pop back then! What have your intentions looked like this month?


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  1. I loved this! Even though you didn’t manage your greens, you’ve done so well on the healthy eating recently that I think you can be forgiven. I’m going to try get my bullet journal pages set up for June too so I might stick with you on the rainbow theme!

    1. Thank you!! And yay for rainbow!!

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