Affiliate Links

Within some posts, there will be use of affiliate links, but this will always be stated either at the top or bottom of the post. An affiliate link is a link to a product that I am talking about on my blog that, if you so wished to purchase by clicking through, would earn me a small commission from the sale of that item. This is at no additional cost to your purchase and does not affect your purchase in any way, except for helping me to continue to run my blog.

Sponsored Posts

“This post was written
in collaboration with…” “This post is sponsored by…”

Sometimes, a post will be marked as either sponsored or collaborative. This means that I have been paid in monies or gift cards/vouchers to create and share the post on Love, Maisie. All views and opinions are of my own unless otherwise stated. This does not affect my content creation process and I would never collaborate with a company with whom I did not agree with on a professional or customer facing level.

Gifted Items/PR Samples

Sometimes, I am very generously gifted items from brands or their PR team to feature on the blog. If I have been sent an item for review or have received it as a PR sample and chosen to talk about it here on Love, Maisie, the post will state that an item within the post was gifted or provided by the PR team. This does not affect my views or opinions and I will always give you my honest thoughts on a product.